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GIS provides full state coverage in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee.
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Exterior Occupancy Verification

Inspection includes a visual observation of the property to determine the occupancy status, property description and property condition. A photo of the property is included. In instances where the occupancy status cannot be verified, the inspector will endeavor to make direct contact with either the resident or a neighbor.

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Interior Vacant Walk Through

If the locks have been changed on a vacant property, we will walk through the entire property inside and out to verify the condition.Photos will be taken of all interior rooms as well as all four sides of the exterior. In addition photos will be taken of any damage or potential hazards. We will provide our recommendation addressing any potential securing or preservation issues we find.

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Insurance Loss Draft

When client funds are utilized to repair a damaged home, this inspection type will provide the approximate percentage of completion based on the type and dollar amount of damage. Our inspector will make contact within 24 hours of order receipt to set up an appointment. The inspection report will detail repairs completed along with repairs scheduled for completion. Photo documentation of completed repairs will accompany the report.

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Performed in areas affected by a recent disaster, this inspection includes occupancy status, but will focus more on the condition of the property and any associated damages. This report will include comments on the extent of visible water and roof damage, as well as an estimated dollar amount of the damage. Visible damages will be photo documented.



Inspection includes a visual observation of the property to determine the occupancy status, property description and property condition. A photo of the property is included. No contact is made with anyone at the property. Our inspector will discreetly observe the property from street view only.

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Sale Date

This occupancy inspection is preformed on a date specified by the client. This inspection follows the same protocol as Occupancy Interview inspection.

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GIS was founded with one inspector performing inspections in only handful zip codes back in 1998. Since then we have grown into the preeminent 

mortgage field inspection business in the South. We’re dedicated to providing clients the highest level of service to meet their inspection needs. GIS Field Services performs regular internal quality control procedures and field audits as well as monitors every aspect of the inspection to ensure quality performance and cost effectiveness. GIS provides quality oversight 7 days a week with 7 corporate staff. We pride ourselves in offering the best in advanced technology, accurate reporting, expedient information delivery and customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to be the preferred choice for banks, insurance firms and finance companies seeking property inspection and loss mitigation services. We will provide every client accurate and timely results via our proprietary, leading-edge technology and to assure consistently superior customer service from our well-trained field professionals and staff.





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If you are interested in becoming an inspector please contact us at tonja@gisfieldservices.com or apply to one of our Job Postings.

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